Disturb Reality

Jarek 1:20 teach powerful magic integrated with social dynamics, for free, on YouTube. There are a great handful of channels that can teach you how to do magic, but Disturb Reality is one of the only channels that will teach you how to be a magician.

Disturb Reality features:

  • TUTORIALS – teaching sleight of hand as well as the storytelling guidelines to each individual effect. 
  • DAILY STREET MAGIC – If Jarek is going to teach how to be a magician he expects himself to be able to go out and perform for strangers just as he encourages his audience to. During these daily uploads, some videos feature just the magic trick being performed, other episodes include behind the scenes psychological details on what Jarek is thinking before the approach, what he plans on saying and why he thinks it will work, including post-magic interviews with the spectators asking why the approach worked. Some episodes feature the camera being hidden, creating a more 'real-life' experience for the spectator and for Jarek on the approach, all with tips and tricks to hopefully inspire aspiring magicians to go perform on the streets.
  • CROWD CONTROL STORIES – Jarek tells stories of real-life experiences, often when something went wrong in performing and either how it fixed it, or what he learned during the experience. However, not all stories feature something going wrong.
  • APPROACH ANXIETY – Jarek takes user-suggested comments and sees if they work as opening lines when approaching strangers to see if, in fact, someone will pick a card after saying or doing a ridiculous request from the Disturb Reality audience.
  • The channel also features the Rise Above Speech, Documentaries, #MagicHour, Flourishes, the Reacts to Magic series, Pranks and Social Experiments, Performance Breakdowns, and more.