Rise Above Speech

Rise Above Bullying with Motivational Magic

"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."

The Rise Above Speech is a 50-minute anti-bullying speech catered toward middle and high school students.

     As part of the nationwide effort to decrease bullying incidents that plague all schools, I would love to come and interact with your students to share the message that bullying is not acceptable on any level. The formula is simple: Mix a profound anti-bullying message with an interactive magic show.
     I began this program as a result of being bullied all throughout middle school and high school because I loved to perform magic. I know, firsthand, how difficult school relationships can be, and how many students face the challenge of rising above the negative effects of it. Through my program, I am willing to interact directly with the kids during my Rise Above speech, which includes some mind boggling visual magic, where a select group of students will get the opportunity to help assist me in these illusions and stories. If you so desire, I would also stroll through the cafeteria during the lunch periods to engage as many students as I can before and/or after the Rise Above assembly.
     As far as the assembly is concerned, it lasts approximately 45-50 minutes. I can do several performances a day, or travel to multiple schools in your district. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the message across that bullying can be overcome, and better yet, avoided. I have been told by some adults, in attendance, that they got more out of my 50 minutes of talking than they have in 9 years of seeing a therapist.
     If you would be interested in talking to me about this program, please feel free to contact me by E-Mail at howtodisturbreality@gmail.com with the subject, "Rise Above Speech." If you are skeptical, I have several letters of recommendation available to read, and you may also contact Mrs. Lynn Zaglaniczny, counselor at Richards Middle School, in Fraser, MI – 586.439.7464 • magdalen.zaglaniczny@fraserk12.org – as she has seen, first-hand, how inspirational this program can be.
     Thank you for your consideration,

– Evan Cloyd (Jarek 1:20)

Below is a vlog of my trip up to Northern California to give the Rise Above Speech.